Allison' Biography

I am fortunate to currently live in Fiesole, Italy

I am attending a 2009 Study Certificate Program in Graphic Design and Communications at Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence, Italy.

AllisonMy parents have encouraged my appetite for a global classroom by supporting my travels I have discovered through this process cultural, culinary, and visceral artistic awareness. This includes a workshop in Paris, France with Phil Levine in the summer of 2006.

My various unparalleled trips to northern India with my mentor, Kim Schaurer, a religious Hindu devote with over 40 years experience in photography and healing, as my guide.

During my formative years my mother and I re-designed a 1962 Bambi Airstream in which we traveled, photographed, created art, written works, and painted art; through the United States, Canada, the Yukon Alaska, Newfoundland, and the Baja Mexico.

I graduated 2008 from Dominican University in San Rafael, California with a B.A. in Digital Arts. My Senior Thesis Show consisted of a published Children’s book “Violet” that I wrote and illustrated. Along with a selection of eight framed Illustrations culled from the thirty-two individually hand draw oil pastel drawings.

I graduated 2003 from Notre Dame High School in Salinas California USA. I was awarded a metal of recognition in the field of the fine arts. In High School I fell in love with the Japanese culture and its Manga, or graphic novels. I began to create my library of anime. This began a passion for living mythology and a drawing technique of Japanese cartoon art, leading me towards cartoons and illustrations.

I am a “Carmelite” born in 1984 in Carmel, California, USA. I grew up with a natural untamed wilderness surrounding me. As young girl of two years old, I kayaked with my mother in the big beautiful Pacific Ocean in the Monterey Bay.

I have developed the love of my senses. Attention to the smell of rainfall on dirt, the sounds of many birds busy in our forests of cypress and oak trees, the touch of sand through my fingers and toes. I learned to focus my attention on small details of this wonderland called nature. Since I had no television and a library full of books of local authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson, John Steinbeck, Mark Twain, Bret Harte and along with European, Asian, Mexican, and Ecuadorian authors. A natural, normal conclusion is my on going exploration and dedication to living mythology.

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