Performance evaluation
By site supervisor
Cyndra Bradford

Dominican University of Califomia art student, Allison Bennetts, approached me about providing her with an internship. approved her on Dominican's internship agreement form on June 14, 2007.

I have been teaching Plein Aire workshops for 6 years and have had other college interns work at my gallery the last 2 years. I am accustomed to teaching both art and explaining the business of a small gallery. You can visit my gallery on the web at

Allison Bennetts worked both at the gallery and Plein Aire painting along side me in oils working with the palette knife. She would complete my assignments, which one of them was to read two books.

  1. “Taking the leap” by Cay Lang
  2. “The little red book of selling” by Jeffery Gitomer

She was open to listen to my suggestions and philosophy in appearance and performance in which improved and enhanced her internship experience. She was consistent in her work, i.e. painting on her own and small studio projects. She kept up with the daily event log each time she worked in the gallery and close appropriately each day. Allison also completed all the work for a PJein Aire show, the press release, postcard, setup for reception and re-hanging the gallery for the “Estival” show which is on August 4th 2007. The “Estival” show is training for her to leam how to do a show, but also a trial before she does her show, “Legs and Teddy's”, the 14th& of August 2007.

I found Allison Bennetts to be enthusiastic, talented, a pleasant personality that was compliant to all my requests, we had great fun together, and I still enjoy my time with her and look forward to see her full fill her career in the art industry.

cyndra Bradford